Hubsville Business Center

     We are one of the longest running Internet Cafe and Gaming Station @ Kidapawan City
     Welcome to Hubsville website. We offer a huge array of services for your convenience so please feel free to browse through our site and see what we can do for you.
     You can use our workstations to type letters, projects, CV's or documents and have them printed professionally.
    Currently there are 34 workstations and facilities for those who would like to connect their own iBooks or laptops thru WIFI. So if you need to back up your data onto a cd or send digital images from your camera to your friends, we can help.

  • Open 24 hours


P10 per hr @ 7am to 10pm
P8 per hr @10pm to 7am
P30 per 6hr @10pm to 7am
P3 per hour 
Print price varies

Hubsville Business Center

is an authorized Dealer and Retailer of LoadCentral
FREE registration or NO joining fee

Games Available